Audio Artistry Beethoven loudspeaker system Specifications

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Description: Four-way, bi-amplified dipole system consisting of two dynamic main panels, two subwoofers, a pair of passive crossovers, and a unity-gain, noninverting, balanced, active (line-level) crossover. Drive-units: one 1" soft-dome tweeter, two 8" Kevlar-cone midrange drivers, two doped paper-cone 10" woofers (main panel); four 12" cone woofers (subwoofer). Crossover frequencies: 200Hz, 2kHz (main panel); 100Hz (subwoofer). Frequency response: 20Hz-25kHz, ±2.5dB (complete system); 40Hz-25kHz (main panels used without subwoofers); 100Hz-25kHz (main panels used with subwoofers). Sensitivity: 89dB/W at 1m. Impedance: 5 ohms nominal, 3.3 ohms minimum at 100Hz (main panel); 13 ohms nominal, 11 ohms minimum (subwoofer). Input impedance (active crossover): 39k ohms.
Dimensions: 55" H by 13.75" W by 6" D (main panel); 29" H by 14.75" W by 21.5" D (subwoofer); 2.5" H by 17" W by 8" D (active crossover). Weight: 85 lbs each (main panel); 95 lbs each (subwoofer); 18 lbs (passive crossover). Recommended amplification: 150-200W (main panel); 50W (subwoofer).
Serial number of review samples: Ninth Symphony, Egmont Overture.
Price: $24,750/system. Approximate number of dealers: 16.
Manufacturer: Audio Artistry, Inc., 8312 Salem Dr., Apex, NC 27502. Tel: (919) 319-1375. Fax: (919) 319-1416.

Audio Artistry
8312 Salem Dr.
Apex, NC 27502
(919) 319-1375

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That is an amusing and rather creative "serial number" listed in the specifications.