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Sidebar 2: Associated Equipment

Analog Source: Immedia RPM-2 turntable and improved RPM-2 unipivot arm; Sounds of Silence Crown Jewel and Lyra DaCapo phono cartridges.
Digital Sources: Muse Model 5 with I2S interface, Theta Data Basic 2, Sonic Frontiers SFT-1 transports; Wadia 16 CD player; Muse Model Two-Plus with I2S interface, Theta Gen.Va, Sonic Frontiers SFD-2 Mk.II processors.
Preamplifiers: Jeff Rowland Design Group Coherence-Cadence battery-powered line/phono combo, Muse Model 3, Sonic Frontiers SFL-2, Audio Research LS22, BAT VK-3i.
Power Amplifiers: Jeff Rowland Design Group Model 6 battery-powered monoblocks (two pairs), Ayre V-3, Muse Model 160 stereo amplifiers (two), BEL-1001 Mk.II.
Cables: Cardas Golden Cross speaker cable and interconnects, TARA Labs Decade speaker cable, Discovery 1-2-3 cable and Signature interconnect, Kimber 8TC speaker cable, Nordost Flatline Red Dawn speaker cable.
Digital cables: Cardas AES/EBU, Illuminati-Kimber Orchid, Aural Symphonics AES/EBU, Audient Audit and Tactic, Marigo Reference.
Accessories: API Power Wedges and Power Enhancer, Cardas and Marigo power cords, Vibraplane and Newport Benchtop pneumatic isolation platforms (source components) fed by a Jun-Air compressor, Townshend Seismic Sinks, Signal Guard platform, Arcici Airhead platform, Black Diamond Racing plinths (line-level components), D'Feet SH-22 damping pucks, Marigo Bear Feet, ASC Tube Traps, and a slew of other pointy things and compliant supports.—Shannon Dickson

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That is an amusing and rather creative "serial number" listed in the specifications.