ATI + Theta = Tremendously Impressive

ATI (Amplifier Technologies, Inc.) of Montebello, CA, who also owns Theta Digital, were blowing minds with the nine channels of bass produced by the combination of their American Muscle AT6002 Morris Kessler Signature Limited Edition Stereo Signature Amplifier ($3995), which outputs 300Wpc into 8 ohms and is available in 2- through 7-channel versions; the finally released and revised Theta Prometheus monoblock amplifiers ($12,000/pair); the well-known, upgraded Theta Casablanca IV; and California Audio Technology loudspeakers. Industry insiders are well aware that Morris Kessler has designed and built half a million high power amplifiers for a host of well-known companies who charge far more for his designs than does ATI, and is responsible for American Muscle's pure balanced design and advanced topology.