Are you happy with your audio system?

A very simple question this week: Are you happy with your audio system?

Are you happy with your audio system?
Extremely happy
26% (42 votes)
Very happy
36% (57 votes)
Quite happy
21% (34 votes)
It's okay
10% (16 votes)
Not really happy
4% (7 votes)
Don't like it
2% (3 votes)
It sucks big time
1% (1 vote)
Total votes: 160

Ray Milks's picture

The main reason I am unhappy with my system is that I have yet to upgrade beyond the speakers! My savings account is growing though, so soon I'll have something much better to be disappointed in!:)

Lyman G.L.  DeLiguori, Sr.'s picture

Personally, I'd like to spend a few million, but such is not my lot in life. However, in the meantime I'll be content with what I have. (My wife did NOT hear that.)

Brian Boehler's picture

While it's not perfect, my audio system serves the music well. I know I could spend a lot more money to make it better but I don't know that it would help me appreciate the music any more.

Simon Ong's picture

I am not very sure either but the music played on my system is quite good but it human to be uncontented .

Mika Kujala's picture

I live in student apartment which has horrible acoustics...

Stephen Westbom's picture

I'll be happy when we have something like a Star Trek "Holo Suite," where you are under the perception that you are in the concert hall listening to and seeing the musicians with perfect three-dimensional audio and visual reproduction. In other words, not in my lifetime.

David Hoffman's picture

Just when I think I've got my system to a level I can be happy with along comes a review of a product jusssst out of my reach that the reviewer raves about. This is where I am currently in regards to either my digital or analog front end. My current system consists of the best Rotel has to offer along with Totem Tabu speakers. My source of discontent is in mating an $800 cd player and about the same cost in turntable/cartidge with $3000 speakers. Surely(?) I must upgrade to KRELL or Meridian mustn't I... What a friend said to me once has become all too true over the years - Comparison is the road to discontent. Let's just enjoy the Music for a while before we read more reviews of equipment!

Bertus Wiltvank's picture

No furter comment.

Jack Straw's picture

I need more money!!!

Bob Bookman's picture

If I were happy it would never get better.

E.  Casey's picture

I was "A little Disappointed" until someone pointed out that running B&W DM604s with 12-gauge speaker wire was a crime in some states. I bought new wires and a DAC and now I won't leave my house.

Mike Parenteau's picture

My Linn Electronics and speakers work together for a very enjoyable muscial experience. The system allows the essence of the performance to come through... a real toe-tapper!

Bob Hart's picture

I believe in healthy current & coils. No amount of hype about magic cables, magical ceramic cones, $5000+ amps that are orgasmically liquid, and $5000 CD transports that are nothing more than generic CD-ROM drives in CNC machined cases, will ever make me feel insecure and unsatisfied with my system.

Charlie Clemons's picture

After spending various amounts of money and time over the years, I feel that I have just about the best system for my tastes that I can afford. I do wish, however, that I could afford the nicer equipment that Stereophile raves about in issue after issue. I suppose that I may never know what I'm missing by being a working stiff making < $25K per year, but things could be worse, I guess.

Al Marcy's picture

My ears and my listening and my system keep getting better.

Carl's picture

You betcha....the sound is wonderful and the ability to reproduce so many outsatnding musical performances at will is a blessing. So why did i not check the EXTREMELY HAPPY BOX???? Because there is always another product or choice available. Dipole, bipolar Planar etc is an obvious Flavor to taste in my home But as far as the endless need to upgrade to more expensive cartridges etc., well I am VERY HAPPY with my position along the Price:performance curve.

Ken So's picture

Very happy but never satisfied. I like the sound of my system. I only wish I had more money to spend on it.

Joe Hartmann's picture

I expect to replace the pre amp and amp for my system in the next twelve months. Some recently auditioned equipment shows me that improvements can be realized. Speaker wire maybe be replaced upon the equipment purchased.

stephen terry's picture

I know there are one or two pieces I still want to swap out, then I will be extremely happy!

Mark Root's picture

Most of my equipment is used, but it give me hours of good listening time, which is what it's about.

Scott Johnston's picture

I am moderatley happy today, a week ago I was extremely happy. Of course a week ago I had just purchased some new Martin Logan Aerius speakers... At this rate I will be at "little disappointed" in another week. I think I need another fix soon or I'll start detoxing. Does anyone know of a 12 step program for audiophile addicts?

Anonymous's picture

The answer is very happy unless you ask the question immediately after I have purchased a new (and expensive) component. Then I am neurotically unhappy until I realize that everything really does sound terrific.

Kenneth Jones in WVA.'s picture

After years of searching for the right combanation of equiptment,with the help of stereophile i think i am almost there.

Marcus Griffin's picture

In all the vehicles that I buy it seems as though a pair of my speakers always seem to short out and discontinue playing.

Anonymous's picture

Today I'm happy. Tomorrow...maybe not

John Lloyd's picture

The only thing I really wish I had is a larger listening room. Unfortunately here in Silicon Valley that turns out to be a very expensive component.

Willis Greenstreet's picture

Everything seems to work together very well and I am quite happy with my decisions. I am still interested in the latest tweeks which will either outrage or titulate me!

Adam L.'s picture

yeah, i'm happy, but i always am looking to upgrade. that's what makes it fun... you can always dream about that "ideal" set-up, that you will never be able to obtain!

G.  Strausser's picture

I must be happy with my audio system because I can listen 40-60 hours a week without obsessing about the hardware.

David Sadd's picture

Please, WHATEVER YOU DO, don't get married right before you buy source components. I have a great system with an Optimus CD-3400 at the head of the chain . . . The rest of the system does a good job telling me how lacking this player is. Anyone have a used Planet?