Are you happy with your audio system?

Are you happy with your audio system?
Extremely happy
26% (42 votes)
Very happy
36% (57 votes)
Quite happy
21% (34 votes)
It's okay
10% (16 votes)
Not really happy
4% (7 votes)
Don't like it
2% (3 votes)
It sucks big time
1% (1 vote)
Total votes: 160

A very simple question this week: Are you happy with your audio system?

Michael A.  Natbony's picture

I have finally assembled a system and, more importantly, listening room 2 die 4. While there will always be compromises, I have pretty well eliminated those that adversely affect sound quality. If you are ever in Atlanta, I would be pleased to share the experience with you. Please feel free to contact me at

Karl Richichi U.T.  Media's picture

Are you kidding??? Mine is all Martin Logan and 5.1 Linn... This is almost better than sex!!!

Dan MacNeill's picture

It would take me a considerable amount of money to move up to the "Extremely happy" category. My system gives me great pleasure, and I can move around in the "Very happy" category with a few inexpensive tweaks.

Joe Evans's picture

Electrostatics and tubes!!!!

Alan B.'s picture

I rushed into buying speakers and ended up with Infinity RS all around. I think I could have done better. The upside is I got 1200 dollars list for 600.

muh's picture

My system is composed of Magnapan's 3.5Rs,Aragon 8008st amp, CAL CL10 CD player, Adcom's GDA 600 DAC, Aragon's Aurum Preamp, and all interconnects are from audioquest. I also possess a Parasound HCA 2200II amp and 2.7QR maggies,& a Sony TA ES2000 digital preamp. I am still contemplating on the wisdom of upgrading my speaker cables.I am happy with the combination except for the DAC which I feel is the weakest link. I think the sound can be improved. I am still experimenting with speaker placement and have been amazed at how effective a tweak it is.

Dennis G.  Lopez's picture

I get highly satisfying sound reproduction at the right price.

Hoovenson Haw's picture

Of course, if I had more money I'd be a whole lot happier.

Johan Saarm's picture

I have not updated or changed my ystem in 8 months. This has not happend before in my adult life. My wife and children also enyoy and can easily use the system. After years of mixing and matching brands I now have a one make system (active Linn) that just seems to communicate the essence of music better. I no longer listen in terms of soundstage, transparency or accuracy - I just play the tunes.

tyc's picture

My system is fine, I just need a bigger house.

Westwood, L.A.'s picture

Even though my current systems are class B and class C Stereophile's, I will not be happy unless it's the BEST (compared to my friend's or even retailer's showroom".

Peter Li's picture

I am happy because I was able to spend a lot of money on my system. I am sad because I spent a lot of money on system. I am happy because my system sounds better than Joe's next door. I am sad because my system is not a patch on Fred's. I am happy because I can hear more details on CDs than I was able to before. I am sad because all I can hear is extra rubbish most of the time. Thank you, Stereophile, for making my day so productive. . . .

James Mitchell's picture

I'm very close to being perfectly happy with my system. I have been following a slow but sure system building and upgrading path. Only one major component has yet to be bought and once it is, only winning the lottery will cause me to upgrade anything but a couple of accessories and cables.

Dan Repp's picture

most of my system is over 20 year old junk.need to upgrade all of it eventually.will definitely cost a lot of money

Larry Mucklow's picture

Some classics-MacMR-71,Micro RX-1500 TT,some modified and handbuilt components and for all you skeptics,homebrewed mpingo discs under components and on stands in room.The discs do work,too bad Shun Mook charges so much.



Humberto.  Lisbon, Portugal's picture

Everyone who sits in front a pair of Magnepan spkrs must be very happy.

skosro@aol's picture

Works for me!

kevin kellner's picture

It's not the system that I'm unhappy with . It's usually the room it's in.

Anonymous's picture

Much more tweaking/equipment selection to be done...

Trym Lien's picture

Marantz CD63 SE Meridian 555 Self bulit speakers 2 way with Vifa elements Self built Pre Amp, Passiv Audioquest cables

Jim Merrill's picture

I can't hear some upgrades; some others I can hear but don't care about. Those that matter to me, I buy (and can afford easily). I enjoy reading about and listening to new stuff and deciding whether to buy. It's a great hobby.

Matt Miller's picture

Although mine is considered an entry-level system (Acurus DIA100, CAL Ikon mkII, Vandersteen 2Ce), it works very well as a system. The performance is VERY good for the money it cost. I still need to play around with speaker placement in the room, but every time I play music, I smile and think about how cool it is to actually hear the music that was recorded.

Samir Jahjah's picture

Very happy but when i listen to a different system, I realize what I have and what I don't. Make me willing upgrade...and upgrade...

Tim Wolfe ...  New Jersey's picture

By not having to buy many of my components "brand new", I have been able to assemble a much better system then I ever thought I would be able to own! If you take the time to shop around and work with reputable dealers, you can find many previously owned High-End components at terrific prices!!! Most of the time they will carry a guarantee too! Also...VERY IMPORTANT to consider: The MUSIC tends to sound much better because your MIND is resting easy thinking of all the MONEY $$$ you saved!!!

Alex Kanapilly's picture

I think I've put together a decent system for the money. Can't wait to get some Mark Levinson gear though.

David Brown's picture

I'm very happy with my current system. Am I satisfied? NEVER!!! :)

neil's picture

martin-logan sequel 2's w/arc 4-channel amp sda-1 bi-amped. ls-3 preamp and older turntable that works " just fine " mikie, and parasound cd system w/ultra 2000 dac.

Gary S.  Wiener's picture

My receiver stinks, my room is too small, I have to wiggle around a speaker to change CDs, and I have to climb over a sofa to get to my CD rack. I need a new system and a new house---just send me a lot of money!

Carlos's picture

I have attained aural ecstasy through my system: Turntable: Oracle Premier Mk. IV with Oracle/SME 309 arm and Dynavector Karat 17D cartridge Pre-amp: Accuphase C-280 Active crossover: Bryston 10B Power-amps: Accuphase P-20's Digital Transport: Sony CDP-X707ES used as a transport Digital converter: Sonic Frontier Ultrajitterbug/TransDAC Speakers: Magnepans MG-III Tuner: Accuphase T-101 Cables: Straightwire Maestro interconnects; FMS Waveguide (Highs) and Kimber Kables 8-TC (Lows) I have own the Krells and the Levinsons and have heard the Wilson Audio Watt/Puppy's and I would put up my system (above) against any; no matter what price range! This is the best sounding system I have heard. After 15 years, I'm finaly (dare I say it) content!