Are you happy with your audio system?

Are you happy with your audio system?
Extremely happy
26% (42 votes)
Very happy
36% (57 votes)
Quite happy
21% (34 votes)
It's okay
10% (16 votes)
Not really happy
4% (7 votes)
Don't like it
2% (3 votes)
It sucks big time
1% (1 vote)
Total votes: 160

A very simple question this week: Are you happy with your audio system?

Steve /lefkowicz's picture

For years my system was a Linn LP-12/Ittok/Talisman s, PS Audio 4H preamp and Acoustat Monitor speakers (with their own built in tube amps). I was totally happy with this sysem. I took an eight years break from audio (lived on my sailboat) ans sold the Acoustats. Now I've added a B&K ST-140 and Sound Dynamics 300 TI speakers, and all Nordost cables. I am once again very happy. Adding a Headroom amp and good headphones is all that's left.

Ken Wilson's picture

I have equipment that gives the best performance for my dollar-real world values. Thaht leaves me lots more money to spend on MUSIC!! I don't believe everything I read, and I don't let Stereophile or any other magazine do my listening, thinking, or decision- making for me.

Jeff Bellin's picture

I just bought a pair of Magepan SMGcs and some incredible musical experiences have come my way since. Though it shows up the shortcomings of some of the other components, I have, one at a time, done some upgrades and having done so, started to realize what audiophiles talk about. I don't know if I have unleashed a life from now, but I'm certainly happy where I am, though I see upgrading my sources someday, sooner or later.

Charles King's picture

I know that to upgrade my system would involve spending money I don't have, so I try not to worry about it!

J.  Huget's picture

Although my system is far from perfect, I love to listen to it and its better than most high end systems I've heard in stores. It could still be better though...

Scot Forier's picture

In my opinion, I have a decent system and a ton of software ( CD's & LD's ). Therefore I am happy with my system. I just can't get over the feeling of wanting more, better equipment, more formats, and a lot more software. There is just way to much to buy at the present time, and not enough funds to buy them.

Isiah Johnson's picture

I realize this is an ongoing quest, so why worry. I enjoy my system for what it can bring me and it brings me as close to musical heaven as my current funds can afford. Thats plenty- for now.

Phil Richman's picture

I assume that "extremely happy" equals absolutely satisfied. My system includes old stuff (LP12/Lingo, etc.;Quad ESL 63s; Quad 306; Quad FM4), brand new stuff (Linn Linto and Arkiv 2), and a Linn Wakonda preamp and Karik-Numerik. Misc. interconnects--best is Daniels Audio speaker cable. With all this, I probably play a few more LPs than CDs. Very litle FM. System is installed in a large L-shaped living room app.18X24. In general, I'd say that price alone has very little to do with selection. A new component must significantly improve the system as it sits in my living room. The test requires sitting still and listening. Alot!

HoranNYC@AOL.COM's picture

Love my Headroom Cosmic/Sennheiser 600 headphon system but wish I could afford a non-headphone system that sounded as good.

T Boyle's picture

Don't worry be HAPPY

Nick Spiropoulos's picture

I don't just listen to a song, I have to determine the quality. SO when it comes to CDs, I just cringe from the compression. I can't wait for recordings to be sold on the DVD format.

Priya Werahera, Denver,CO's picture

I have chosen most of my audio components using information given in the Stereophile magazine. I was able to match the components and stay way from expensive cables/interconnect and tweaks. I am willing to pay a reasonable price for new technology such as new audio CD format (96kHz/24 bit) to upgrade my system. I have no regrets otherwise.

Anonymous's picture

My current sustem has taken years to build, one component at a time. It accurately reproduces the entire audible frequency spectrum. In order to accomplish this I had to compromise the imaging in my room. I guess that I need to investigate mini-monitors with a high quality sub. The B&W 801's can't achieve both imaging and flat response in my somewhat smallish room.

Guy White's picture

I have been fighting hum through my subwoofers, but have almost gotten that problem licked. Now I'm focusing on trying to cut outside noise intrusion - maybe with some ASC wall panels and a few well placed doors. I want a room as quiet as Overture's main listening room. Then maybe I wouldn't need a Classe CA300 on my CLS'es. Oh well!

John Howell's picture

I have built my system over the years, training both my ears (and my pocketbook) to appreciate how good it sounds. Rough retail is $13K, so it SHOULD be a good system. It is always fun to play with a new feature, balanced interconnects being the lastest. It must be noted that my wife likes the system, too, and that such explorations are understood, if not also appreciated. Because she has such a good ear, I feel free to place the system where it belongs: complete domination of the living room!

Pynion's picture

It sounds good, but still a little too analytical. Other than that the system sounds good.

Edward C.  Delk's picture

I'm beginning to realize that the greater one becomes preoccupied with the "sound" of one's audio system, the less one enjoys the music it attempts to reproduce. Having spent approximately $15,000 on my first high-end system, I often find myself longing for the days of bliss when, as a broke student, I rushed home with a new album, tape, or CD and sat back to enjoy the magic of music, rather than to obsess over imagery, palpability, soundstage, etc. (yuck!). Maybe that's why so many of the professional musicians (such as John Lee Hooker) profiled by Stereophile have such "low-end" systems---they want music, not artifice. Hey, maybe I should just dust off my old boom box and give it a spin!? (At least I'll get my living room back!) Uuuuh-ooooh! I already feel the HI-FI Jones crawlin' up my spine! Darn, back to tweaking and (occasionally) enjoying music!'s picture

Marantz SR-96 receiver Marantz digital processor Marants DVD B&W 602 series Anything else? Always a thirst for learning more!

Ray Leachman's picture

Until I I'm tired of what something in my system that I've had for a while.

Al T.'s picture

I find it great that I can listen to Jazz, Rock, or whatever on the same day with such great results. No smoke, noise, lousy amps, or out-of-tune pianos. I also have a blast looking for great recordings and upgrades to take it up another notch.

Emmanuel Fonte's picture

As a professional musician/conductor, I am going through rehearsals looking for problem spots and fine-tuning the performance. There are those times when I come home, turn my system on, the lights off, and I'm transported to another place. It is ridiculous to say that I am at that performance, but I am close enough to be rejuvenated musically.

Jim Powers's picture

Want to upgrade from Adcom to a Tube pre-amp

Jeff Walker's picture

I need to work on the front end both my Turntable and CD player. However, I don't know if I will ever find true audio bliss. My wife is starting to have serious doubts regarding my sanity. Oh well it off to work I go to pay for my latest audio upgrade.

Steve Camadeco's picture

Budget constraints

Fritz Steyben ='s picture

I like the CJ tube units I have, but if I start looking around I'm afraid I'll hear something so good I'll have to have it. When I'm listening I go past the system, But if I start thinking and listening too critically... Since I got a new computer that plays CDs that's where I do most of my listening as I also work at home on the computer. It's an IBM with Blose speakers. A great near-field system integrated would really be great, otherwise I may have to move it into my listening room, which means I may not be seen for weeks!

Robert Cappuccio's picture

Tweaking is down to a minimum. New purchases are only an issue if a new technology or quality outdates mine. Listening and enjoyment takes up 98% of my time. My only disappointment comes from the amps heating up my room to uncomfortable levels.

David Gulliver's picture

Right now I am more disappointed with the room than the equipment. However, I am most disappointed with the music being offered these days.

Jeffrey Morgan's picture

You get to a certain point, and the improvements in audiophilia are marginal.



dave F's picture

Generally happy, but I never seem to have enough time to listen as much as I would like.