Are you happy with your audio system?

Are you happy with your audio system?
Extremely happy
26% (42 votes)
Very happy
36% (57 votes)
Quite happy
21% (34 votes)
It's okay
10% (16 votes)
Not really happy
4% (7 votes)
Don't like it
2% (3 votes)
It sucks big time
1% (1 vote)
Total votes: 160

A very simple question this week: Are you happy with your audio system?

Lukasz Fikus's picture

It is definitely the best I can afford, it betters anything I ever heard, but I know (unfortunately) it can be bettered, and (fortunately) I know how to achieve it.

Lyman G.L.  DeLiguori, Sr.'s picture

Unless and until I hit the lottery, it'll have to do!

Frank Wittosch's picture

NHT 2.9 bi amped with two Carver 100Watt amps and Carver ct24preamp

Larry de Martin's picture

As a musician and (former) recording engineer, I am painfully aware of the deficiencies of recorded music, most particularly CDs, which were a major step backward in musical quality. They are, however, a major step forward in convenience and low cost of production, which resulted in much more variety of music being available. I am still listening to three pairs of 20-year-old speakers, and I have only recently heard better in my price range. My present listening room is a disaster. The only reason I listen is for the message in the music, which is still far more accessible in live performance than any reproduction; yet I can learn from the repetition possible in recorded media how to better appreciate the live performances I am privileged to hear. I went to the CES in '97, and most of the high-end systems sounded worse than my antiquated rig. I found that there was far more hype and cosmetics than reality there. I want to thank you at Stereophile for the best job at sorting out the market.

Erwin L.'s picture

Once my system starts to play, It's extremely hard to get me to leave that room! and I'm not tweaking, I'm sitting savouring the music Big Time!

Zip's picture

Enjoy the MUSIC on what you have. Tweak what you have. Upgrade what you have---and always enjoy the MUSIC.

R.  Mark Stearns's picture

The system is biased towards the bright side, and my analog front end stinks. But, it is very articulate, images great, and is very smooth, plus it didn't cost half my annual salary to put it together.

Anonymous's picture

My old Carver amp(which replaced a fried Dynaco) is fine, but my antique preamp is slowly leaving this world behind. I still have one of the earliest CD players out, it just keeps going. I wish it would fail so I can replace it! I am out of touch with the latest stuff.

Kenneth R.  Vance's picture

It is hard to be extremely happy with your system if you stay apprised of the new gear that keeps getting better and better because most people cannot possibly afford to keep their system on the cutting edge. Yet, we know what is good and what we like.

Michael E.  Johnson's picture

23 years refining it.

James F.  Pfanstiel's picture

Much of it is obsolete.

David L.  Wyatt, Jr.'s picture

My system is about playing music. It is a tool, nothing more, so that music can make you happy. Nothing more.

Mitch Crider's picture

It's all about the music. Sonics take a backseat to program material for musical enjoyment for me.

Steve Neshan's picture

The more I spend, the worse it sounds!!

BJ's picture

I was kind of disappointed until I got a power line conditioner. There's still some room for improvement though...

Anonymous's picture

This question is typical of stupid stereophile magazine garbage. Stereophile sucks.

Steven R.  Rochlin's picture

Dettes/Dudes, Extremely happy. After all, isn't one of the great things about this hobby is to... Enjoy the music, Steven

leonardo barroso's picture

we are always looking for perfection, so my feeling will depend on how the hi-fi industry will make better and pushing for a low cost, their products. recently we've seen nad, arcam. marantz, b & w, etc..., making their best effort to make this statement true. the bottom line: my hi-fi happiness has a six-month expiry date.

Matt Haubrich's picture

I am not so unhappy with my system as I am with the space I have to put it in. I need a bigger room, then I can see what my system is really capable of.

G.  Lowrance's picture

I'm very happy with my system. I just need a little more power. But then again, dont we all?

M Southard's picture

The only piece of audio gear I own that is soild state & newer than about 1978 is my 1997 BMW 740IL,so I guess transistors are ok.

Meng Keat Ng's picture

Expected more for the amount paid for it.

Maximino Ameneiro Gomez's picture

Sony CDPX-505ES CD Player YBA Integre alpha SPENDOR LS3/5A YBA Glass interconects

Dave Ten Clay's picture

After getting to the next step, you always see there are more to climb. How far can you go . . . how much will my bank account take . . . what is my WAF limit?

Danny Li's picture

Spending time looking for just the right combination has been fun. And the moment you sit in your favorite chair and listen to the right music and know that it sounds right is the happiest moment.

G.  Daviidson's picture

All my Components are matched to Stereophile rated class A and B. I have down listening tests prior to buying.'s picture

Always lusting after upgrades, I still love my current system. Linn LP12/Lingo/Ittok/SHO Meridian 200/203 Linn Kairn Threshold 3.9e Totem Mani2's Kimber/Tara/MIT cables

Jeremy Karpenske's picture

Sure, it could use a few improvements, but what system doesn't need a little work? I'm very happy with my system.

john arthur's picture

i have rotel components and feel that they are a great value. i also got a good deal on B-stock equipment. i am in college and have very little money, so i don't really even consider upgrading in the next 5 years. plus, everyone who comes into my room admires the stereo and compliments me on it even before they hear it.

Sam Lakewood,OH's picture

my system is composed of: Fisher CA-275 amp Technics tuner Pioneer tape deck 2-RCA 10" speakers 2-Zenith Allegro 6 1/2"speakers 1-Radio shack 12" subwoofer what do you think?