Alan Sircom on the Loudness Wars

Taking a somewhat different, historical approach than my presentation on the same subject at the 2009 RMAF, HiFi Plus editor Alan Sircom, despite being jetlagged, forcefully showed how insensitive use of compression kills recorded sound.

The system used by Alan, Roy Gregory, and myself for our dems comprised Wilson Duette speakers and a Lindemann integrated amplifier, hooked up with Nordost Heimdall cables and supported with Stillpoints spikes and stand. Quantum boxes did whatever it is they do.

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...but the Duettes don't appear to be toed in at all. Interesting...

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So when will recording studios stop over compressing recordings? If the sound they are looking for is for radio then forget it. That's the main problem here, convincing radio broadcasters to go back to a sensible compression where everything isn't squashed down to a miserable 10dB range.