Added to the Archives This Week

In his review of the Cary Audio Design CAD-300SEI integrated amplifier, Robert Harley admits up front that he's been "biased against single-ended tube amplifiers because of their quirky measured performances." Can the Cary redeem itself and the SET approach with a single hearing? Harley reports, with a "Follow-Up" from Jonathan Scull.

Next, we include an interview conducted by Robert Harley with the creator of the CAD-300SEI, The Single-Ended Amplifier: Cary's Dennis Had. Widely credited with the SET revival in the US, Had explains what drives him and his designs.

Analog junkies rejoice! Following last week's addition of the Linn Ekos tonearm review to the archives, we have two reviews of Graham arms. First is the Graham Model 1.5 tonearm, evaluated by Dick Olsher, Tom Norton, and Steven Stone, and next the Graham Model 2.0 tonearm, examined by Michael Fremer.

Finally, we have the latest installment in our "Recording of the Month" series for the online archives: Recording of December 2000: Hotcakes & Outtakes: 30 Years of Little Feat. JA explains why this band almost made him chuck his treasured bass guitar back in 1972.