Added to the Archives This Week

When a manufacturer makes extraordinary claims about a product, the result is sometimes an extraordinary review. That's what happened when Jonathan Scull examined the Richard Gray's Power Company 400S AC line conditioner last June. His report raised a chorus of reader and industry reactions, all of them included here along with some additional unpublished observations.

With the August 2000 issue, Stereophile bids farewell to its home of 22 years, Santa Fe, New Mexico, and, like Ma and Pa Kettle, packs up the wagon (with cats and dog) and heads for the bright lights and big city. John Atkinson shares his thoughts about the move in "From Santa Fe to New York," and thanks the folks who saw the magazine through its Southwestern days.

As a bonus this week, we add more letters responding to J-10's popular "Fine Tunes" No.20, which offered more advice on how to damp those pesky room resonances.