Added to the Archives This Week

From the March 2004 issue, Kalman Rubinson files his report on the Adcom GFA-7805 five-channel power amplifier. KR notes, "It was easy for me to decide on their top-of-the-line five-channel powerhouse, the GFA-7805, because it embodies the same spirit that the GFA-555 did in its time: lots of power, no frills, good value."

Then Rubinson files the latest installment in his multichannel series, "Music in the Round #4." "For audiophiles who love multichannel music, the center-channel speaker is a problem second only, perhaps, to that of bass management," observes KR, who also assesses the McIntosh C45 multichannel preamplifier.

John Marks says that he "always had a soft spot in my heart" for Jeff Rowland's products and then explains why in "The Fifth Element #22." JM also listens to the DALI Euphonia MS5, stating, "The primary reason I had been interested in trying out Rowland's 302 was that I knew I would soon be auditioning DALI's next-to-top-of-the-line loudspeaker."

Brian Damkroger wires his system with the Audience Au24 audio cables & powerChord AC cord, commenting, "Audience's willowy Au24 cable and wonderfully flexible powerChord positively warmed my heart when I encountered them at the 2002 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas."