Added to the Archives This Week

Describing the Audio Research Reference Two preamplifier, Michael Fremer writes "Audio Research's first 21st-century, audiophile-quality line-stage preamplifier combines retro-tech vacuum-tube amplification and power-supply circuitry with innovative, remote-controlled gain, balance, tape monitoring, and signal routing. The price is also 21st-century: $9995." Worth every penny? Fremer offers his assessment.

Next, we've got Chip Stern's review of the Rogue Audio 66LSR preamplifier from the October, 2000 issue. Stern writes that "the design/production team at Rogue Audio, veterans all of Lucent/Bell Labs, have been designing and marketing high-end gear since 1994. The 66LSR is a paradigm of the company's intent to produce a line of high-resolution, high-value vacuum-tube products." To find out if they have succeeded, check out Stern's review.

Finally, we have Jonathan Scull assessing the state of the audio union in Convergence . . . not just for breakfast! from the November, 2000 issue. "Not too long ago, the word 'convergence' had everyone in the High End ready to duck'n'cover," says Scull. But as J-10 reveals, a couple of revolutions later, a new recipe for high-end audio success is emerging.