Added to the Archives This Week

Sam Tellig and Lonnie Brownell both provide trenchant analyses of the Bryston B-60R integrated amplifier. Tellig notes, "With Bryston gear, you get solid engineering and impeccable—I was going to say unimpeachable—build quality. This is what you pay for; not bulletproof faceplates, gold-plated name badges, or the like."

Next we have a Wes Phillips Audio Power Industries Power Wedge Ultra 116 power conditioner. Phillips writes: "Considering that not that long ago there wasn't even a product category for balanced AC line conditioners, we seem to now enjoy a plethora of the critters." WP then explains where the API sits in the pack.

From the January 2004 issue, we file John Atkinson's As We See It, "The More I Know, the Less I Know". With all of those stacks of audio equipment measurements that JA has assembled over the years, it's "gotta mean something, right?" But just what it does mean is the tough question.

Finally, the latest installment in our Recording of the Month series for the online archives, Recording of January 2004: Wise Children. According to Thomas Conrad, "It is a cliché, but unavoidable: A new album by Tom Harrell is an important event."