Added to the Archives This Week

Does the SLP in the Cary SLP-98P tube preamplifier's name stand for "sweet little preamplifier"? Art Dudley sets out to determine if Cary's latest version in the SLP preamp series lives up to the moniker.

Next, Jonathan Scull takes a turn with the Cary CAD-280SA V12 power amplifier, describing it as "a handsome amp, and smaller than its name might lead you to think. In fact, it's an interesting combination of the neat'n'petite and pure flamboyance."

To open his review of the Theta Digital Generation VIII D/A converter, Kal Rubinson notes, "We audiophiles are ever hopeful that, however satisfying our present equipment and setup, we can achieve even greater enjoyment with a tweak or an upgrade." KR investigates whether this is especially possible with a major upgrade.

Finally, Brian Damkroger gets a bit nostalgic as he wires his system with Monster Cable Sigma Retro Gold speaker cables & interconnects. BD says that although they are tagged with the word "retro," the new links are "well-built and easy to use, flexible, with simple, solid terminations."