Added to the Archives This Week

Brian Damkroger finds that, while struggling unsuccessfully to fit the Conrad-Johnson Premier 17LS line-stage preamplifier into his preconceived notions of the company and its products, a paradigm shift in his thinking occurred. Damkroger explains that "it was only during a marathon session of listening and comparing the C-J to a couple of other preamps that the truth dawned on me . . . I went back and forth between the C-J and the other units several times over the course of the next week, and one evening it hit me." The truth awaits.

John Atkinson celebrates 15 years at the helm of Stereophile with his "As We See It" from July, 2001: We Are What We Are. As JA writes, "I strongly believe that a magazine's editors, writers, and readers are involved in an ongoing dialog about their shared enthusiasms." Letters commenting on how far JA should or shouldn't go with this open platform for discussion are included.

Next, we have another JA "As We See It," this time from February of 1995, Bits is Bits, Right?. Atkinson explains from personal experience that when it comes to mastering CDs, music can often get lost in the digital translation.

Finally, we have the second installment (moving backward month by month) in our Recording of the Month series for the online archives: Recording of June 2001: Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto 2 by Hyperion Knight. Knight explains why the pianism of Hélène Grimaud is not to be missed.