Added to the Archives This Week

While doing research for his analysis of the Totem Acoustic Forest loudspeaker, Larry Greenhill uncovered a legacy of great reviews for the company's previous products each ending with a final "but . . ." comment. But . . . does Greenhill discover any killer "buts" with the Forest? He explains in detail.

In his essay "Bits vs Atoms," George Reisch explains how the whole Napster-kindled debate about digital content distribution may, in the end, actually be good news for live music fans.

Next, more excellent reader insights are offered in Jonathan Scull's Fine Tunes #36 from the recent June issue. Find out what the fact that Thomas Edison did not invent the light bulb has to do with audiophiles.

Finally, we have the fourth installment (moving backward month by month) in our Recording of the Month series for the online archives: Recording of April 2001: Dot Com Blues by Jimmy Smith. Zan Stewart says of this dynamic live recording that "for once the sound man has got it all together."