Added to the Archives This Week

Chip Stern notes that, "as often as not, it ain't the heat—it's the stupidity. When confronted by the smattering of self-referential dilettantes, acrimonious Internut wannabes, and obsessive-compulsive types who suck the air out of our aural fun-house, I find myself overcome with the desire to program my phaser for Clip." And fire away he does in "Snobs, Slobs, & Marley's Ghost," added to the Archives this week.

In "Fine Tunes" #25, Jonathan Scull gets caught up with notes from several readers about cost-effective outlets, preventing a shocking experience, and record shelves.

Also this week is the latest in Richard J. Rosen's series of interviews with musicians, "Rick Visits . . . David Johansen." Can the former front man of the New York Dolls turned lounge singer find audio nirvana with Chesky Records? Johansen also supplies a playlist of favorites.