Added to the Archives This Week

As Michael Fremer reports, critics have universally hailed Infinity's $8k flagship Prelude MTS. But can the success of the MTS trickle down to the lower price points? For his review of the $2000/pr Infinity Intermezzo 2.6 loudspeaker, Fremer set out to determine if the more modest sibling is a "worthwhile chip off the old block or just a marketing divot."

Robert J. Reina says that JBL speakers remind him of college. But as the new JBL S38 loudspeaker demonstrates, the company has come a long way from the days when Reina spent most of his time in the "boom and sizzle JBL rooms" of his frat house. Just how far is the subject of his review.

Finally, in his "As We See It" editorial from March 1996, The Great Wall of China, John Atkinson sets the record straight when it comes to advertisers and editorial content. Never the twain shall meet, says JA.