Added to the Archives This Week

Chip Stern writes, "There is something enduring and reassuring in the classic audio verities." The Vandersteen 2Ce Signature loudspeaker is certainly considered one of those timeless classics. But how does a speaker released in its first incarnation more than 20 years ago hold up by today's standards? Stern lends his modern ear to the task and includes notes from Richard Vandersteen himself.

Next we've got Jonathan Scull's Fine Tunes #28 from the October issue. "If you can't find enough material to keep you and your system spotlessly clean, I'll eat my shorts!" exclaims J-10 after revealing his tweak-a-holic Internet source. Also, comments on audiophile-grade AC outlets, automotive damping compound, and foot-beauty stones.

Finally, we've added a series of reader letters to the George Reisch article, Audio & Alternative Medicine that appeared in the September, 2000 issue of Stereophile.