Added to the Archives This Week

From the January 2004 issue, Robert J. Reina surveys the Epos ELS-3 loudspeaker, reporting at the outset, "I have not been this excited about an entry-level speaker in years." BJR explains, "In three areas, it exceeded in performance what I've heard from its competition."

Next we have Larry Greenhill listening carefully to the $14,799/pair Piega C8 LTD loudspeaker. LG writes, "It was only natural to test whether this Swiss full-range speaker could deliver 'what you should hear.'"

Also from the January issue, we file Paul Bolin's take on the Legacy Audio Focus 20/20 loudspeaker. Bolin notes that, although the company has been around for 20 years, "what I was not prepared for was the breadth and depth of the Focus' performance envelope at such a reasonable price."

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