Added to the Archives This Week

From the January 1996 issue, Jonathan Scull listens closely to the Wavelength Audio Cardinal XS monoblock amplifier. Single-ended tube designs such as the Wavelength can inspire controversy within audiophile ranks, so Scull carefully sorts the plusses and minuses.

We couple Scull's review of the Wavelength amp with his interview with its designer: Gordon Rankin, Wavelength's Single-Ended Man. Everything audio about the man and his amplifier are revealed, including which tubes he prefers and why.

Next, from January 1994, Dick Olsher gets hold of the MACH 1 Acoustics DM-10 Signature loudspeaker. DO comments, "MACH 1's philosophy of using the best parts they can find is both laudable and reassuring. What caught my attention was MACH 1's use of the Accuton tweeter and midrange."

The AAHEA opens: John Atkinson braves dangerous weather and heads to Atlanta for his June 1991 "As We See It" profiling the first-ever Awards Dinner to be held by the Academy for the Advancement of High End Audio. In Academic?, JA examines the ups and downs of "the first attempt in many years by specialist audio manufacturers to act as a group for the benefit of all."

The AAHEA closes: From November 1998, we have the first appearance of Art Dudley in Stereophile's pages with his guest editorial, Academy? What Academy?!. Dudley charts the sinking of the Academy, noting. "Useful? The expression 'like a screen door on a submarine' comes to mind."