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In his review of the Sharp SM-SX100 digital integrated amplifier, Michael Fremer asks: "why would a sharp mind offer a $15,000 integrated digital amplifier to a reviewer who has been characterized in the audio press as the 'self-proclaimed Analog Messiah' and a 'hyper-Luddite'?" Would Fremer actually cotton to a digitized vinyl recording? Read Fremer's report for the startling conclusion.

CDs retailing for $6.99? For years now, Naxos has built its reputation on bringing high-quality—yet bargain-priced—music to audiophiles. In his interview, "Amazing Stuff: Klaus Heymann of Naxos," Sam Tellig talks with the man behind the label and learns where DVD-Audio and SACD are likely to actually go, along with what the label has waiting in the wings. As a bonus, Tellig reveals his personal favorites from the Naxos catalog.