Added to the Archives This Week

Kalman Rubinson admits to having plenty of Sony trinkets, including clocks, VCRs, and TVs. But until the Sony SCD-XA777ES multichannel SACD/CD player, he's always preferred other brands when it came to audio. Rubinson reveals whether this latest expression of SACD engineering from Sony has changed his perception of the company as a serious audiophile contender.

Opening his review of the Revel Performa M20 loudspeaker, John Atkinson writes, "Loudspeaker lore has it that a 'good big'un will always beat a good small'un.' But my experience has been that the traditional wisdom is often wrong." With the $2000/pair M20 under the scope, does Atkinson find that audio value can be redefined?

For his The Fifth Element #6, John Marks probes the hidden world of Perry Mason and the Wilson Benesch Discovery loudspeakers, all in one breath. How does Marks tie Della Street to an audio product? That unlikely pairing and then some is explicated in full.

Jonathan Scull gets plenty of tweaks via email, and for Fine Tunes #43, he sorts through the e-stack and pulls out a number of useful tips. This month: embracing lasers and banishing static electricity the easy way.

Finally, the latest installment in our "Recording of the Month" series for the online archives: Recording of January 2002: J.S. Bach: Morimur.. Richard Lehnert explains why this recent release is a remarkable achievement.