Added to the Archives This Week

From the January 2004 issue, Michael Fremer writes about the "SUV-like, limited-edition, 20th-anniversary" Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista kWP preamplifier & Tri-Vista kW Monobloc power amplifier. No doubt the "bank-vault-like" designs will get your attention, but as Fremer discovers, after you close your eyes, it's "sheer sonic pleasure."

While SACD and DVD-Audio still try to get a little traction, John Atkinson notes that "CD is still the predominant means for audiophiles to get a high-quality musical fix." Thus, JA justifies reviewing the $6700 Mark Levinson No.390S CD Processor to see how it stacks up against other high-end CD machines both new and old. Along the way, however, he discovers a bit of a problem.

Art Dudley tackles the "pursuit of audio unhappiness" in Listening #13. Shouldn't somebody dictate universal guidelines on how to set up audio systems and rooms for optimum sound? AD argues, "Any attempt to define the way in which humans must interact with works of art is a foolish, venal thing, and doubtless the product of an intolerant and unhappy mind."

Also from the January issue, we have John Marks' The Fifth Element #21, wherein our fearless correspondent braves several "ridiculously loud" demos at Home Entertainment 2003 in San Francisco to pick the best for our readers.