Added to the Archives This Week

From the March 2004 issue, Michael Fremer goes a couple rounds with the Theta Digital Enterprise monoblock power amplifier, exclaiming, "Monoblock power amplifiers seem to be moving in and out of my listening room faster than green-onion salsa from Chi-Chi's." So how does the Theta stand up to the competition? MF lays it out.

Next, from the same issue, Paul Bolin fires up the Hovland Radia power amplifier, noting, "For better or for worse, appearances can make a profound first impression." But it's the sonic impression that counts, and PB does some digging to sort out the Radia's pluses and minuses.

One more amplifier review from March. This time, Art Dudley is on deck, and he's swinging the Antique Sound Lab Explorer 805 DT monoblock power amplifier around. AD comments "A 50Wpc hand-wired, single-ended, transformer-coupled, parallel-feed, monoblock amplifier...that sells for less than $3000/pair. As they say in China, 'What's not to like?'"

Finally, Art Dudley tackles cranky letters in "Listening #15." "No sense beating around the Bush," says AD, "the thing that really irks some readers is when I make references to current events and social issues."