Added to the Archives This Week

Dynaudio US's president, Al Filippelli, tells Wes Phillips that "Dynaudio speakers are a lot like the Danes who make them. They don't look all that fancy, but they tell the truth and they get the job done. To a lot of audiophiles, that's boring. But there are a lot of people who have been looking for those qualities in a loudspeaker, and for them, boring can be cause for excitement." Phillips takes an in-depth look at the Dynaudio Contour 3.3 loudspeaker to determine if "boring" can make him happy.

Next, Jonathan Scull dissects the Nagra PL-P preamplifier: "And there it was, cute as a button, resplendent with eight vacuum tubes, all visible through a clear plastic 'demo' top cover. The oohs and ahhhs were followed by excited chatter; there was lust in the air." J-10's careful analysis awaits.

Bonus article this week: George Reisch takes apart the issue of evaluating audio in "Observe the Candle . . . " GR writes: "The puzzle is about the two main ingredients of science: observations (like the ones that filled our notebooks) and theories (by which I mean all the laws, ideas, principles, and even just the hunches that make science go). Are these truly separate and independent ingredients?" Stereophile's resident philosopher ponders on . . .