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Jonathan Scull writes that "with its latest series of FPB (Full Power Balanced) amplifiers, Krell is taking careful aim at the seam between classic high-power two-channel systems and quality multichannel installations where sound is yet paramount. Nevertheless, Krell founder Dan D'Agostino was adamant: Krell's Class A components were designed for music playback. 'I'm a purist, like you, Jonathan!' he told me." In his review of the Krell Full Power Balanced 350mc monoblock amplifier, Scull determines whether or not Krell has struck its musical target.

Next, the prolific J-10 gets slap-happy in "Fine Tunes" #26. How to tame that nasty, stereo-image–destroying echo in your listening room? J-10 huddles with cable guru George Cardas and comes up with some advice, and even some tips on building a listening room.