Added to the Archives This Week

As the results from last week's Vote prove, having the right tool for the audiophile job makes all of the difference. And a lot of you selected the Stereophile Test CD 3 as your weapon of choice for uncovering the good, the bad, and the ugly of a component under consideration. Here's the complete story on the most recent test disc from Stereophile and company.

Yikes! A Bose review in Stereophile? J. Gordon Holt shares with us his experiences with the Bose 901 loudspeaker from back-in-the-day. In classic understatement, JGH begins, "The Bose 901 has created more of a stir in audio circles than any other loudspeaker we can think of, with the possible exception of the original Acoustic Research system."

Next, we have John Atkinson's "As We See It" from March 1989, The Chicken and the Egg. JA takes a look at recording history and finds that reproducing the absolute sound in a playback system is fraught with counter-intuitive traps. Is it the recording or your system that has a problem? How do you know for sure?

Finally, we have the next installment in our "Recording of the Month" series for the online archives: Recording of July 2000: Sonny Rollins' The Freelance Years. Reviewer Chip Stern notes, "The wonders of the recording age are such that we can return anew to these early peaks in Sonny Rollins' illustrious career, without requiring him to remain frozen in time like a human jukebox."