Added to the Archives This Week

J. Gordon Holt and various other Stereophile writers are brought together to create the definitive review archive of the Audio Research SP9 preamplifier. The SP9 review was controversial in its day, and the complete review archives include manufacturer and reader comments.

Starting in 1994, Dick Olsher, Martin Colloms, Sam Tellig, and finally Thomas J. Norton detailed their impressions of the Cary Audio Design CAD-805 monoblock power amplifier. As Tellig noted in 1998, "It takes courage to buy an amp like the Cary CAD-805C—so retro in its technology and its look."

Back in 1985, Anthony H. Cordesman and J. Gordon Holt grappled with the PS Audio 200C power amplifier. AHC opined, "The superior features available in the best rival amplifiers all involve significant trade-offs relative to the 200C."

For his "The 5th Element #14," John Marks makes his audiophile list and checks it at least twice.

Finally, the next installment in our "Recording of the Month" series for the online archives, Recording of June 1996: Cassandra Wilson: New Moon Daughter. Michael Ross give us the Wilson story, while Wes Phillips details this sound of this audiophile favorite.