Added to the Archives This Week

Bits is bits? In the December 1990 issue, John Atkinson explored in "Jitter, Bits, & Sound Quality" why digital audio turns out to be a complicated process. He writes, "As my violin teacher used to say, 'The right note in the wrong place is the wrong note.'" And so it is with digital data, as JA explains in this groundbreaking report.

From August 1998, Martin Colloms reviews the Conrad-Johnson CAV50 integrated amplifier, prompting him to comment, "You turn the damned thing on—it takes no more than half an hour or so to warm up—sit back, and relax."

Jonathan Scull says he has "found several locations where a nice, dense audiophile body made an improvement to the sound" in his room. Then he got his hands on some Acoustic Sciences Corporation Studio Traps and set off to tweak some more, first with the "Attack Wall," and then a more subtle approach.

Finally, from the current issue, JA exclaims "We Get Letters"! As Atkinson notes, "One of my mentors, John Crabbe—my predecessor as editor of the English magazine Hi-Fi News—used to insist that a magazine's soul is its 'Letters' column."