Added to the Archives This Week

As Larry Greenhill states in his review of the MartinLogan Prodigy loudspeaker, "Electrostatic speakers are my passion." But Greenhill's heard a lot of great 'stats in his time, so he was "both excited and uneasy" when a review pair of MartinLogan's latest arrived in his listening room. He needn't have worried.

His interest tweaked at the 1999 CE and Hi-Fi Shows, John Atkinson wanted a closer listen to the speaker Sony was using to promote SACD. Although the Sony ES SS-M9ED loudspeaker arrived at the Stereophile offices later that year, the review didn't make it to print until this month. But as JA reports, better late than never for this one.

Next, John Marks gets to the core of audiophilia in The Fifth Element #3. Marks writes, "I want us to develop some penetrating collective insights into what makes us tick as audiophiles, so we can work together to correct what is not so good in the hobby, and maximize and share what is good without question."

Finally, we have the August, 2001 installment in our "Recording of the Month" series for the online archives: Come Dream With Me by Jane Monheit. Robert Baird tells us why another stab at "Over the Rainbow" is worth your attention.