Added to the Archives This Week

Slap echo got you in a flutter? Jonathan Scull writes, in "Fine Tunes" #27, that "last month I delved into avoiding reflective, parallel-wall slap echoes from ruining your audiophile day. But I've since learned of a perfectly useful workaround that's much less costly and involved than horsing around the Sheetrock." George Cardas lends a hand.

Kalman Rubinson loved the MSB Link DAC, which he reviewed back in January 1999. He now turns his ears to the Link's most recent incarnation, the MSB Link DAC III D/A converter. Kal lists the Link III's attractions: "user-installable enhancements, including upsampling (with rates of up to 132kHz!), HDCD decoding ($199), virtual 3D Surround Sound ($149), and, in the near future, the ability to handle 192kHz-sampled signals, one of the standards for DVD-Audio. On paper, this makes the seemingly modest Link III as prodigiously potent as any DAC on the market."

As a bonus this week we also include Kal's analysis of the ETF speaker/room-analysis software from Acoustisoft: "ETF, or How I Learned to Love My Equalizer."