Added to the Archives This Week

In a ground-breaking article from May 1990, Robert Harley uncovers the real digital story with "CD: Jitter, Errors & Magic." Confusion about CD tweaks leads RH "to conduct a scientific examination of several CD 'sonic cure-all' devices and treatments. I wanted to find an objective, measurable phenomenon that explains the undeniable musical differences heard by many listeners where, at least according to established digital audio theory, no differences should exist."

Are audio salons really an endangered beast in the Internet age? In his "As We See It" from the May 2004 issue, "House Calls: Value-Added Retailing," John Marks lays down the three action items sure to keep an audio dealer in his customers' good graces.

One more retailing editorial for the archives from the September 1998 issue. John Atkinson explores the modern retailing paradigm in "Being Digital: Adding Value." Atkinson writes, "I could just imagine the reaction of a retailer to a would-be customer who decides what to purchase in his soundroom but then buys it over the Internet. The Tasmanian Devil would be a gentlehearted soul by comparison!"

Finally, we have Stereophile's Recording of May 2004, Villancicos y Danzas Criollas. Reviewer Bradley Bambarger notes, "Across the 1550–1750 span of Villancicos y Danzas Criollas, you hear vivid examples of instrumental dances and madrigal-like songs from Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Peru, and Guatemala."