Added to the Archives This Week

Michael Fremer wraps his ears around the Westlake Audio Lc5.75F loudspeaker in an effort to figure out "what's a pro audio company doing at CES?" Fremer discovers why a brand that, until recently, was rarely heard outside of recording studios is now selling 70% of its products to consumers.

As Barry Willis reports in his "As We See It" from November, The Search for Musical Ecstasy, there are hobbies out there easily crazier than high-end audio. Don't believe it? Willis does some comparison shopping.

Also from the November issue, we present John Marks' The Fifth Element #5. Marks notes, "I have come to believe that in the audio world, the self-indulgent proliferation of words is only a symptom of what I call 'joyless connoisseurship.'" Marks explains not only what this means, but its impact on evaluating new technologies.

Next we have the latest edition of DIY tweaks from Jonathan Scull:Fine Tunes #41. Featured are a few "fairly wild and wacky" reader tips about the care and feeding of speaker drivers, along with a couple from J-10's own experience.

Finally, the most recent installment in our "Recording of the Month" series for the online archives: Recording of March 2000: Guy Clark's Cold Dog Soup. As Robert Baird reports, this homage to the late Townes Van Zandt is a fine treat indeed.