Added to the Archives This Week

In his review of the Toshiba SD-9200 DVD-Audio player, Chip Stern asks the question "In a rollout of new technologies more or less driven by the expectations of the home-theater crowd, what's in it for us music-lovers?" Stern uncovers the answer and then some, while Kal Rubinson explores the player's surround-music performance.

The path to musical nirvana often necessitates isolation from the outside world. So, Wes Phillips cuddles up with the Sennheiser HD 600 headphones to determine if their audio womb can provide a sufficient substitute for the well-endowed listening room.

For his "As We See It" from September, RIP Dr. Gizmo, John Atkinson offers a few personal notes about one of audio's more out-sized characters, Harvey Rosenberg, who passed away this summer.

Next, in the August edition of "Fine Tunes #38," Jonathan Scull thanks all of the "Fine Tuners" out in the audience and then focuses his attention on the audiophile benefits of cheap lasers.

Finally, we have the next installment in our "Recording of the Month" series for the online archives: Recording of October 2000: Red Dirt Girl from Emmylou Harris. Robert Baird reveals that he is always a sucker for a pretty voice.