Acoustat Spectra 3 loudspeaker Specifications

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Description: Full-range push-pull electrostatic with optional dynamic subwoofer. Specs: Frequency response: 30Hz–20kHz ±3dB. Nominal impedance: 4 ohms. Sensitivity: 88dB. Power requirement: 100W.
Dimensions: 66" H by 31.75" W by 23" D (array 2.125" D).
Price: $2995 (1987); no longer available (2017). Approximate number of dealers: 95 (1987).
Manufacturer: Acoustat, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315 (1987). Rockford Fosgate, 600 South Rockford Drive, Tempe, AZ 85281 (1990s); company no longer in existence (2017) but see

Company no longer in existence (2017)

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I never got to hear the model 3, but one day in 1977 or 78 I drove to Columbus OH to visit a shop that just got the Acoustat X. I remember that speaker very clearly, as it was the first full-range 'stat I'd heard that had satisfactory bass for pipe organ music. The demo music at that time was a version of the Bach T&F BWV 565, and it sounded quite good. I've been happy with many speakers that roll off the bass below 50 hz, since recordings of tracker organs with their low-pressure pipes don't generally have the weight in the pedal notes that the "modern" organs have.