Lindemann USB-DDC 24/96

Speaking of handy little devices, the new Lindemann USB-DDC 24/96 converts USB to SPDIF for the simple reason that some folks who want to use their computer as a source already have a classic DAC that they love, but it lacks a USB input. It's available now for $650.

Zombie's picture

I saw this. It's a great product. Well done Norbert.

Salih Niper's picture

When a USD-SPDIF 24/192 is sold at less than a hundred buck (in a year or two), we will all get in the same train (which will involve no CD players). Very nice product

John's picture

I don't know where "Newsome" thinks that he can buy a DAC for $500,let alone two of them. Who the Hell is Rosemarie and who cares? John

bob D. Stuckiez's picture

An excellent DAC is the HRT streamer for about 280 per. The Music Fidelity vCAN is outstanding as well for about the same price.

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Go, Norbert!!! Great product.