Arrivederci Venezia

I think it's now official: moving the high-performance audio exhibits last year from the Alexis Park to the Venetian has been a complete success. The sound in the tower rooms has been excellent, and exhibitors seem to be finding ways to tame the more problematic acoustics of the large conference rooms on the third floor. And whenever you wanted to take a break, you were only a few steps away from the fake-but-surprisingly-convincing ambience of St. Mark's Square, where it's always early evening, and you don't need an excuse to have some gelato. Ciao!

Sambamaster's picture

Funny assessment. Almost every exhibitor I spoke with was unhappy with the Venetian. And one of the most common complaints was the lack of fresh air as at the AP, while you praise the "fake" indoor-outdoor ambience of the ridiculous hotel as a highlight. Come on.

Stephen Mejias's picture

The lack of fresh air at the Venetian was a problem. For that reason, I also prefer the environment at the Alexis Park. But my experience in talking with manufacturers was similar to Robert Deutsch's: All I spoke to were happy about the sound and happy with the traffic.