Dare We Say “Digital?”

Although Allen Perkins' Spiral Groove has until now focused exclusively on analog products, the company has taken a big step into the digital domain by announcing the forthcoming Spiral Groove DP1 line stage preamp and 24/96 DAC. Projected to become available in four months, the DPI is so new that it has yet to be priced.

The Spiral Groove DAC/preamp, distributed by Perkins' Berkeley-based Immedia Sound, will be sufficiently up-to-date to include an up-to-date USB input. It will also be versatile, with the ability to support either two or three amps. Owners can also equip it with optional crossover boards to enable them to actively cross over speakers. The unit will also include a high-quality attenuator, adjustable in 1dB increments, and a remote control. Expect Spiral Groove phono preamplifiers and amplifiers down the road.