High-Resolution Happiness

So why is Amanda Sweet from Telarc smiling? Well, in addition to being a wonderful person, she's happy that the Concord Music Group chose to sell its wares in The Venetian. Rather than the nightmare everyone predicted, customers only had to walk 20 steps to the official CES cashiers to purchase their SACDs and CDs from Telarc, Heads Up, Concord, Prestige and the like. With only one other CD vendor—5.1—in the area, Telarc did a booming business.

Francis's picture

Where were they? I couldn't find any software vendors in the Venetian.

John Atkinson's picture

Telarc and 5.1 were in one of the ballrooms on the left as you walked past the Blue Man Theater from the Venetian Casino to the Sands Convention Center. Other exhibitors in that area were Thiel, VTL, Usher, YG, Stereovox/German Physiks, Parasound, Totem...