HeDo: Good Looking and Good Sounding

Herman van den Dungen and Marcel Croese, the duo responsible for the Prima Luna line of tube electronics, have introduced a new line of "Good Looking and Good Sounding" solid-state equipment under the HeDo moniker. As with the Prima Luna gear, the prices are very reasonable: $1395 for the HeDo One 80Wpc integrated amplifier, $1795 for the HeDo Two $200Wpc integrated, $1245 for the HeDo Three preamp, and $1495 for the HeDo Four power amp (the power is not listed on the preliminary literature sheet; I assume it's 200Wpc or a bit more). The four components are pictured here in distributor Kevin Deal's room at the Venetian. The frog is an optional extra.

steve sample's picture

Those look like copies of the NZ Plinius gear !

Kevin's picture

Anybody know where I could get more information on this brand or where to audition?

Robert Deutsch's picture

Kevin, email Kevin. That is, Kevin Deal of Upscale Audio, kevin@upscaleaudio.com

spurzheim's picture

Isn't this the Jungson "modern" series?It does look like Plinius, or Classe...

Jason's picture

These are the new Jungson Modern series.I have the new Modern series preamp and love it.

Eddy Johnson's picture

The sound system looks incredible. Thanks for the post. It really looks awesome with the frog on top. Web design baltimore