RMAF'S Present Success and Future Plans

As John Atkinson (right) and I were saying our goodbyes until the 2009 CES in Las Vegas, RMAF co-directors Al Stiefel and Marjorie Baumert were compiling attendance stats for this year's show. Although the fact that there were far more rooms this year, with exhibits spread over two hotels, left some exhibitors thinking that attendance was down, attendance was actually up just over 7%. Almost 3500 people attended this year's RMAF. The Sunday walk-ins were 407—almost 150 over last year.

RMAF welcomed folks from 47 states, Puerto Rico, and 21 other countries. According to Marjorie, "the big difference for me was that I printed 437 more exhibitor badges than last year." Al knew registration was up when he looked at the line on Friday morning, which stretched much farther down the hallway than ever before.

Yet, despite the increase in attendance, the feeling remained uncommonly warm and welcoming. Thanks to Marjorie, Al, and host of volunteers from the Colorado Audiophile Society, RMAF remains a special show that people love to attend.

Due to booking constraints at the Marriott, RMAF 2009 is scheduled for October 2–4. While this unfortunately coincides with the Tokyo show, Al and Marjorie have no alternative. The Marriott's only other opening is at the end of October, when the likelihood of snow could wreck travel plans of both exhibitors and attendees. Were the show to move to a hotel in downtown Denver, exhibitor and attendee prices would rise to New York levels, and hotel rooms would cost more. So October 2–4 it shall be.

Before then comes CES. The good news for exhibitors and new companies is that the "alternative" T.H.E. Show has just lowered its prices for exhibitors to RMAF levels. I've spoken to quite a number of fine companies who are heading to the Alexis Park and St. Tropez in January. It should be quite the event.

It's been a joy blogging for you, dear readers. May music continue to bring you beauty and joy.

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Great show report! You guys have heart for this music hobby as, clearly, have the people behind the RMAF.

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You should have commented on the great sound of ML3 Lamm amps in AF room :-D One of the worst sound at the show, which shows that Mike and Nelli don't know first thing steing up the system