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Luxman and Vivid distributor Philip O'Hanlon, of On A Higher Note, always has a great selection of music at Shows, and RMAF was no exception. With a system based on Vivid B1 stand-mounted speakers ($13,500/pair) driven by a Luxman 30Wpc class-A integrated amplifier via Synergistic Research cables, the sound of an open-reel dub of a Reference Recordings Malcolm Arnold orchestral piece was distinguished by an enormous, stable soundstage, and excellent dynamics, with superb resolution of low-level orchestral detail. But I just can't get used to the speaker's alien-pod appearance.

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I visited the Luxman/Vivid/Synergistic room several times during the show. I was amazed by the huge 3D soundstage there. Other rooms at the show sounded flat by comparison. During one of my visits Ted Denny of Synergistic Research demonstrated the effectiveness of his products by removing the Acoustic ART System from the room. I was shocked! The soundstage became flatter, less coherent, and unstable. I bought the Acoustic ART System then and there. Next he unplugged the PowerCell and the Active Shielding from the cables. At that point the entire system collapsed. This was not a subtle demonstration. In fact, without the Acoustic ART System in place and the PowerCell and Active Shielding turned on the system sounded mediocre at best. I've been an avid audiophile for over twenty years. During that time I’ve attended many a show but never have I witnessed such an impressive demonstration. Kudos to you Ted Denny for a job well done. I'll be looking into buying more of your gear.

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Unstable soundstage! Watch out! It's falling !! I double dare you to do a blind listening test.

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How is that possible, it all collapsed and became unstable? And exactly what are these Synergistic magic things doing anyway? So the Class A Luxman and these expensive speakers are not that good? It needs special attachments? Unstable could be the stands don't look large enough for the top heavy speakers?

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I can't explain it, all I know is that the soundstage became less focused and more diffuse without the silly ART system in place.I absolutely hate audiophile "black magic" devices, but the fact remains that they DID improve the sound, and not just for psychological reasons. I WANTED the ART to make NO difference, but it DID. It wasn't subtle.That having been said the Vivid Audio B-1s sounded wonderful without it, the ART system just focused the soundstage and presentation _that_ much more. I suspect the unknown variable is how more conventional room treatments would have helped in the same environment.What I don't know is how much Synergistic is going to charge for it.

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A few observations from someone whose feet are still sore from visiting every room at the show:1. Less then a hand full of rooms (3) at RMAF even came close to the room filling sound of the Luxman/Synergistic/Vivid room.2. Of those that did, all were high six figure systems.3. Of all the high six figure systems at the show, only a few got close to the modest Luxman/Synergistic/Vivid room. From my observations at the show I gather the synergy between the electronics, speakers, cables, line conditioning, and room acoustics were significant. After all, given the small size of the speakers, low powered integrated amp, and moderately priced components, the sound was amazing.

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"In fact, without the Acoustic ART System in place and the PowerCell and Active Shielding turned on the system sounded mediocre at best." -- I have perceived, at any rate, various odd accessories make a difference to the sound, but if the system sounds "mediocre at best" without the esoterica then the entire breathless judgment is suspect.

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The sound in this room was excellent and the impact of switching the various Synergistic Research products in and out of the system was much as described above.Personally, I would not characterize the sound of the Luxman/Vivid/SR system sans the SR devices as mediocre. It's just that the addition of the SR active shielding/Power Cell/ART improved the performance of this system to a level that belies the relative cost of these devices. I think one would be hardpressed to achieve at similiar level of performance improvement with the same investment in other products (assuming one's system is already capable of excellent sound reproduction).SR provides customers with the opportunity to try their products in their own systems prior to a purchase decision. Skeptics should do so - I think you will be very impressed.

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Lets hear it for the ART Shills!woot! snake oil at its finest!

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Ugh even more bull shit from a snake oil compnay

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No Snake oil here.... I went to the factory to hear the Acoustic ART System and the difference was amazing! The music I heard with the system was bass was tighter and all other frequencies focused and easy to listen to. Without the Acoustic ART System, the music and voices became less smooth and what seemed like a little harsh. Bass sounded a little more tubby. This Acoustic ART System is worth its weight! I bought one the next day!

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Link to measurements for the Synergistic Research Acoustic ART System-

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Again Pundit (Ted's Fan Boy) his graphs are useless because of the 500 mS delay that were in the after graphs. Ted even admitted that he goofed them up

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Kory Page you couldn't write a convincing post if you had to hahahaha. Sounds like a dealer's "review" NO, honestly!!!!!! There you have to use more explanation marks like Kory!!!!! SEE?!!!!!

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Why is it that whenever someone posts a positive result anywhere, there are always these childish idiots who suddenly show up and shout 'shill! snake oil!' If you haven't heard the product, then shut the hell up already. Nothing better to do?

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Hey Lurker go listen to those little bowls that cost $3000 loser boy lmao