The Best Speaker in the World?

I admit it. I have found YG Acoustics' hyperbolic promotional material off-putting. But having recently listened to the Colorado company's 4-way Anat Reference Professional speaker system in Wes Phillips' system—he is reviewing it for our February 2009 issue—I made a point of seeking the speaker out for a longer audition at RMAF.

Tucked away at the end of a ground-floor corridor off the Marriott's atrium, where the large room had excellent isolation from other exhibits, the big Anats, driven by an FM Acoustics power amp, and Daniel Weiss's state-of-the-art digital combination of Jason CD transport and Medea DAC, produced sound that was breathtaking in its unforced full-range dynamics and its unexaggerated tonal colors. But with the speaker weighing 400 lbs per side, I am not looking forward to transporting them to my test lab for measurement!

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Interesting speaker but not very impressive in the demo I heard ar RMAF

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AWESOME speakers! Listened to everything at the show with a focus on the more high-end expensive speakers as I am ready to buy and these topped the charts beating everything else I have heard - easily. Totally smooth from top to bottom, effortless delivery of the dynamics, huge sounstage, TRULY deep and articulate bottom end, amazingly fast and truly realistic without any fatigue. I have even heard these next to the Wilson X-2's - no contest again as the YG's left the X-2's sounding clearly analytical, non-involving and S L O W in comparison to the YG's. I wanted to buy the show pair - but they had been sold already so apparently I am not alone in my opinion. I haven't heard better to date and plan to make these my next speakers - check them out for yourself, it's time well spent.

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In a universe of more perfect absurdity this company would actually be secretly owned and operated by Dave Wilson.

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Above are 2 completely different impressions of the same thing, so which one is correct? In my recent experience, in listening to a speaker set, all people had the same observation results. So here we have completely opposite results on the same thing. Both cannot be correct. And how can something with only 2 letters beat a Wilson X-2 temple of doom system at $180,000 that claims to be teh best, o' wait don't these guys claim to be the best in a recent ad? Wilson, focal, YG, all proclaiming the same thing, and yet, logically that's not possible. since I know a brand that smoked one of teh BEST at much less money, so who is full of it? 1,2, or 3, or maybe all 3? Who sets prices on this stuff, someone with a keyboard that doesn't know how to stop printing numbers?

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In reply to DUP: Yes, two different people can hear in significantly different fashion the same stereo system in the same room, and both can be correct. Human hearing varies in accordance with a host of interacting somatic and extra-somatic variables, and no two people are exactly identical. It is refreshing that some speaker manufacturers (YG Acoustics is an example) publish the results of "objective" (instrument derived) acoustic measurements. Such data can serve as a platform for comparative evaluations of loudspeakers, but in the final analysis one's judgment of the performance of speakers and associated electronics will relate to the individual's sensitivities (and insensitivities) as affected by his or her capabilities and experiences. In my case, I very much enjoy the clarity, accuracy, and smoothness of the YG Anat Ref II Studios that I have had for a year. I had come to take their qualities for granted until I went to Denver and listened to other systems. Some were very good, but I

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Yes, I heard this system too. But I would prefer the Kaiser speaker at the Hyatt. The treble was much better.Regards

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In a word, "perfection", a progression beyond the normal boudries of home audio speakers. The quality is amazing in both sound & structure.

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Has anyone noticed how similar these are to the SP Technology Revelations?? Heck they even use ScanSpeak drivers and Mundorf caps.

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Just looking at those things make me laugh! I will put my money(a whole lot less) on the simplicity of a pair of OHM A's or F's in peak condition over these mega dollar nutty overly complicated speaker designs. I suppose if you price something in the stratosphere someone with way too much money will buy it-it surely must be the best.

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If you make something Pretty enough, and tag it with a high enough price someone will surly buy it. This really takes place with Speaker wires and interconnects. If its really high tech looking and gets a lot of raves from the writers it will sell like hotcakes. I don't know where these SILVER TONGUE writers get all their adjectives from but it must be a bottomless Pit. I feel sure they are prompted by money in the pocket. Cambridge Audio is an example of how a product can be top of the line sound wise without the insane price tag. I could Blind test most all of these writers and they would not be able to tell the difference in a 100 dollar interconnect set and a 3K dollar set. Wire Sales are 98% Hype And BS. If a 500 dollar power cord made that much of a diff. why wouldn't Mcintosh and other Co. use them from the factory ? And A 150 dollar gold plated outlet? Get Real! These high dollars cables and over priced speakers are for people that have way too much money to spend and don't like Cocaine. John N.