Yamaha NS-1000 Loudspeaker Specifications

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Description: Three-way loudspeaker system consisting of beryllium-dome mid- and upper-range drivers and a cone-type woofer. Nominal impedance: 8 ohms. Power capacity (signal): 100 watts.
Dimensions: 14.75" W by 26.5" H by 12.75" deep. Weight: 68 lbs each.
Serial numbers of review samples: 10492.
Price: $950/pair.
Manufacturer: Yamaha Electronics Corp., 6660 Orangethorpe Avenue, Buena Park, CA 90620. Tel: (714) 522-9105. Fax: (714) 670-0108. Web: www.yamaha.com.

Yamaha Electronics Corp.
6660 Orangethorpe Avenue
Buena Park, CA 90620
(714) 522-9105

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The Japanese Yamaha firm, better known for its successes in motorcycle design than in audio design

...Not know for their audio design, I said what? Pardon? How heavy is the rock you have been living under?
Amps, receivers and turntables that are legendary...

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The article was originally published in 1976.

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Yamaha was established in 1887 as a piano and reed organ manufacturer.

They make the worlds best Piano's though at the time of the article they hadn't bought out Bösendorfer though did makes some awesome almost affordable Piano's

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I guess you noticed the date of the review - 1976?

Yamaha was not all that well known at the time in the North American home stereo market, perhaps undeservedly.
Almost certainly, JGH did not use a suitable amp to review these. The best apparently is/was the Yamaha B1, but I understand Yamaha used the Crown Macro Reference in development of these. They need a ton of good clean (rare) power. Tubes should not apply.

This is one of JG Holt's shabbier and most superficial reviews, I think.

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My father still has a pair of these that he bought new in the mid to late 70s. They still work and sound great! I remember growing up and listening to how revealing these speakers were. I also remember them being a little light on bass. I'd hit the loudness button when I cranked up Metallica in the mid-80s. If I only knew better back then! duh... I also remember my drum instructor had the beat to 'The Immigrant Song' wrong as he was trying to teach me and I corrected him because I could hear the right syncopated beat on my dad's NS-1000s so clearly. These bring back a lot of great musical memories...

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Best speakers I ever heard, period!

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I have been listening these speakers for many years now. They are driven by a 2x30W class A power amplifier. The result is absolutely startling. These speakers are the finest speakers ever built. I don’t think their level of performance will ever be matched at any price in the near future.


This review by Stereophile however, I think, is the most illiterate review of these most extraordinary speakers.