Wyred 4 Sound with Emerald Physics

Thinking it was my last room—wrong—I lingered for some time with two great and dedicated guys, Keith Greeninger and Dayan Kai of Wyred 4 Sound. Listening to “The Deeper That You Love” from a Blue Coast Special album, I found a moderately bright leading edge balanced by an extremely lovely midrange. “Mids very, very nice for this price” I wrote in my notepad. Then, “Summertime” on an Original Master issue of Patricia Barber’s A Distortion of Love yielded “a fabulous sense of space and air, and great low bass.” (“A great demo track,” I noted, although the same can be said for many of Barber’s wonderfully recorded and mixed tracks).

Almost everything in the room was from Wyred 4 Sound, and is available direct. The $23,469 system included, from W4S, the MS-1 music server ($1999), DAC-2 DSDse ($2499), STP-SE2 (Stage 2 upgraded, $3749), mAMP monoblock amplifiers ($1798/pair), and ST-1000 Mk.II stereo amp ($1999), and all cabling except Analysis Plus’ Blue Oval speaker cable ($143/pair). Surge protection/power regeneration was from PS Audio’s P5 (3495), and sound from Emerald Physics’ CS 2.3 Mk.2 speakers with their DSP processor ($5950/pair).