Wilson Audio Does the Impossible, Turns Rosemarie into Audiophile

Those who’ve attended a Wilson Audio Specialties demo know that the company’s Peter McGrath puts on a good show—when it comes to introducing a loudspeaker and winning over an audience, he’s perhaps the best in the business.

So, I wasn’t actually surprised that Rosemarie took a fancy to the man. I was surprised, though, by how deeply she enjoyed the demonstration.

We listened to several of McGrath’s recent high-resolution recordings, including one made only days before the show, at the University of Miami’s Gusman Concert Hall, with young and enchanting soprano Lei Xu, pianist Ken Noda, and clarinetist Alex Fiterstein performing Franz Schubert’s “The Shepherd on the Rock.”

“These are brand-spanking new digits,” McGrath explained. “New digits are better than old, so this should sound pretty good. Let’s see…”

From the corner of my eye, I saw a smile blossoming on Rosemarie’s face.

The music was glorious and the recording was, as is usual for McGrath’s work, extremely realistic, spacious yet intimate, with a wonderful sense of both the performers and the performance space.

We listened to another song, and another, and another.

We heard great drama, truthful tonal colors, impressive scale, presence, an overwhelming sense of ease and control.

When the demonstration was over, I was simultaneously spent and exhilarated.

I looked at Rosemarie.

“I really enjoyed that,” she whispered.

“You did?”

“Yes! He is incredibly engaging.”

“Incredibly engaging?”


“Who the hell are you?!”

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Everytime I walk into a hi-fi show or hi-fi retailer I am always underwhelmed by Wilson speakers then McGrath shows up with his recordings and completely transforms them to their full potential.  I am not surprised Rosemarie felt that way, I have felt the same way numerous times with McGrath's recordings. 

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If Rosemarie fell in love with Schubert's "Shepherd on the Rock," I urge her to check out recordings by sopranos Elly Ameling and Elisabeth Schumann. The latter is truncated, and was recorded when Schumann was past her prime, but it has many special qualities you will not hear from anyone else.



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Sorry for the lulz; but Stephen; I'd love you too if you'd get me a pair of Wilsons.  And those amps.  And cables....

Stephen, can you feel the love?