What speakers do you listen to at home?

What speakers do you listen to at home?
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99% (480 votes)
Don't like what I have, but do like . . .
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I don't listen at home!
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We get requests all the time from readers who want to know what audio components others have purchased. What we're looking for is a description of what loudspeaker products you own and why you like them. Here goes . . .

Michael Belling's picture

Totem Model 1

Gregg Fedchak's picture

ProAc Response 2.5. They go deep, and they're smooth and non-fatiguing without giving up any detail.

Keith O'Neill's picture

Magneplaner MGLR's I may never go back from planer speakers . I'm going to save my pennies and upgrade to ahigher model.

michael crespo's picture

sound dynamics 300ti

Carlos_E's picture

I use Vienna Acoustic speakers for home theater and audio. I have Vienna Acoustics Bach for mains, Hadyn for rears and I ordered the Theatro for center channel. The Bach are terrific for audio only listening. I called Sumiko and received instructions for setup including filling the bottom compartment with sands adjusting spikes so the speaker sits at an angle and a few other tips. I love the Bach, sweet highs and tight bass. I highly recommend the entire Vienna Acoustic line.

Pepelon's picture

I listen to swedish stand-mounted Mumma Mosen.

John Napier's picture

The main speakers are Martin Logan SL3. We also have a pair of Tannoy Mercury M2.5 as rear speakers in a surround-sound setup. In the bedroom system we have Tandy Genxxa or Goodmans Maxim 2.

Geoff Fleet's picture

I am lucky to own a pair of horn speakers made by Living Voice, a UK company. They are huge and hugely expensive, but when I heard them at a hi-fi show, I knew that these were the speakers I had been searching for. The right horns, used with a simple SE amp, playing those large black discs, is the only way I can listen to music, as opposed to hi-fi. As yet, Living Voice Air Scouts are not imported into the US, and if they were, they would unfortunately cost well over $30,000. However, you have your own Bruce Edgar with his Edgarhorns for a lot less than this. I urge everyone to seek out and listen to horns. Although large, I listen to mine in a 12x10 foot room and they are glorious. These are the speakers I will be buried with.

Nikolaj Hermann's picture

Is it possible to get truly satisfied with a pair of speakers for a long period of time ?

Renan J.  Madayag's picture

Mission 733

Bob Jenkis's picture

Dunlavy/Rel accurate, clean, detailed. love 'em! (gotta have that sub, though.)

MORPH's picture

B&W DM 601

Yannis's picture

InnerSound Eros. Excellent transparency, soundstage ,imaging. Very coherent blending woofer with the ESL.

John Crossett's picture

My main system uses PSB Stratus Mini speakers. My room is only 15.5' X 13' X 7' so I wanted a high quality mini monitor that I could afford. Based on J.A.s review, I listened to the PSBs and found them to give me the type of sound I was looking for. Good imaging, soundstaging and bass down to about 40hz in my room. Are they the best, probablly not. But they sound good to me and were affordable, so I'm happy.

Fred Thompson's picture

Genesis V -With VAC Ren 70/70 amp the servo gets the bass and the amp gets the rest right.

Don Ashley's picture

Vandersteen 3A's

David Schwartz's picture

Apogee Duetta Signatures. Sound is detailed and spacious. I love the sound of "dipole panel" speakers.

Thom Taylor's picture

Yamaha NS-1000M Velodyne FSR-18 Paradigm Atom Paradigm PSR-8

Juha Viljanen's picture

My speakers: Magneplanar MG 10 + Velodyne HGS-12 subwoofer. Sonically and visually very satisfying system to my smallish living room (25 m2). Even my wife likes them (and that

bcurrul@tqos.com's picture

Von Schweikert Research VR 4.5's. Coupled with a pair of SET amps these speakers have provided me with many hours of musical enjoyment.

Ken Vance's picture

I just purchased Impact Technology's Vento 2-way transmission line. Incredible accuracy and bass definition.

Joe Hartmann's picture

I have three sets of speakers: main system Thiel CS 2 ( soon to be replace by CS 2.3)powered by a Audio Research VT 100 MkII; outboard TV speakers Rogers LS3/5A's currently run from the TV; secondary music system in the "Computer Room" Met 7's powered by a Bryston 2B

Scott Higgins's picture

Infinity Composition Preludes

Steve Kindig's picture

A couple of years ago a bought a pair of Audio Concepts Sapphire IIIs along with their Titan powered subwoofer. No other equipment purchase has added as much to my enjoyment of music. The Sapphires are transparent, expressive, rhythmically right. And the Titan sub blends in seamlessly.

maven's picture

Sonus Faber Extremas - Superbly musical and with looks and finish that would put many a furniture-maker to shame. More importantly, it gets better and better every time I upgrade my amplifiers!

LC Blair, III's picture

Wilson WITT, Series II: Purchased after trading in WATT/Puppy 5.1 (the upper frequencies made most all of my CD's far too harsh to listen to) and Dunlavy SC-IV and to me, in my home with my equiptment, presents a more complete presentation of recorded music and is very satisfing!!!

George E.  Bennett's picture

My speakers for the last 10 years have been Magnepan's MG1, and this year I'll be upgrading to the Magnepan 1.6QR, moving the MG1s to the rear for my surrounds. I love the smooth, large sound of these speakers. My speaker for life.

D.  Fellbaum's picture

I recently changed from Apogee Stage ribbons with sparkling midrange and Highs, to NHT 2.9's. I can't seem to get the 2.9's do the same magic, but they are ok.

Anonymous's picture

B&W 803 MK.II

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Snell E IV