WBT's Organic Carbon Connector

A year after they were first announced, WBT CEO Wolfgang B. Thoerner is preparing to release his organic carbon Nano Gen connectors at the 2015 Munich show. As opposed to customary metal connectors, Nano Gen's carbon is claimed to transport signals faster because it does so in only two dimensions, while metal transport transports signals in three dimensions.

"Metal has the skin effect, which sends signals up and down in an extraneous direction," Thoerner explained. "Carbon has no skin effect." The connectors, which will be available through local dealers, can be used to retrofit existing terminations as long as they are crimped. (Carbon cannot be soldered.) Cost in projected somewhere between WBT's copper and silver versions.

Given the importance of cable terminations and component terminals as a primary determinant of performance, I find the prospect of faster, Nano Gen connectors quite exciting. Here's hoping that WBT can set up some kind of listening comparison in Munich that will allow press and attendees to evaluate the difference they can make.

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Applying transmission line theory to audio connectors always raises the BS flag.