Von Schweikert & United Home Audio

Von Schweikert's new VR-44 floorstanding speaker comes in two forms: passive ($22,000/pair), and Aktiv ($25,000/pair) with a 300W amplifier driving the 8.8" composite alloy-cone woofers below 200Hz. Both the woofers and the 6" midrange unit are loaded with labyrinths, and the tweeter is a ring-radiator type. Superbly finished with either Steinway Black Gloss or Mercedes Platinum Silver, the VR-44's produced a full, musical sound at THE Show, driven by Jolida tube amplification and with the source an open-reel recorder from United Home Audio playing a tape of Van Morrison playing "Brown-Eyed Girl."

Pro-Audio-Tech's picture

My first time in this room I listened to the rock classic Tommy by the Who, it took up two tapes, I listened to both tapes start to finish. The room was packed but nobody moved, the band was all there in their proper positions with Roger singing directly in front of me. Not a bit of grain, strain, or compression you hear on digital. I have various LP pressings of Tommy but they don't sound like that tape did. I found myself back in this room more than any room at the show and listened to countless tapes, I didn't hear anything that wasn't just spellbinding! Classical. Jazz, and plenty of rock, great job says me.